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eco_mono's Journal

"Peter Garnett"
3 January 1988
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I have obtained this LJ so that I can participate in fandom organizations and RPs and so forth. Specifically:
  • I am a proud supporter and member of frungylovers although I am not technically a part of the "target audience" as described by Sr. Lukipela.
  • I am the mundane who drives the action of violent_varmint and chocomancer, two misplaced fictional characters currently on furlough from Landel's Institute.
  • I have become involved in two additional RPs: tenthtwilight (currently on hiatus), where I play playertopawn, and pokedressing, which, being a dressing-room, is too free-form for me to track specifically who I've played there.

Don't expect many posts about my actual life here; I have a habit of dismissing my actual, day-to-day existance as totally boring and not worth discussion. ^_^

...oh, one more thing. Unless stated otherwise, all icons in this journal and in my RP journals may be freely used provided credit is preserved. Uncredited icons were made by me and may be used with or without credit.